With Opposite Day coming on the 25th of January, we thought it would be fun to do an article with that in mind. Our aim is to sell a home and you’re probably looking for the best insight on how to sell a home.

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We’re going to take a different approach to sharing our special tips and hacks. No worries, we’ll give you that insight, but we’ll do it by sharing the opposite of what you should do. So here’s to Opposite Day! Enjoy!

A list of the WORST things you can do when selling a home

Now without further delay, let’s go over the things you should never do if your goal is to sell a home! They are the WORST things you can do if selling is your intent!!

Hiring a real estate agent without testimonials

If you want to place your investment into the hands of an agent without testimonials, that’s your choice. However, we’d warn you against that. Find someone reputable. Should your real estate agent be without testimonials, dig online for reviews. Best to not have regrets. Find someone tried, true and ethical — testimonials reveal much about these three aspects.

Leave your clutter strewn about the house

Go ahead. Leave clutter strewn about that house you want to sell. Very few (if any) prospects will see beyond all those knick-knacks and misplaced items. That is unless the price is low enough to help them see beyond the chaos.

But you’re not in it to give someone else a deal. Do you want a great return on your investment in that home? Of course, you do!

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Then do away with the clutter if you want to do the right thing.

Neglect the yard

To neglect your yard is to be certain of a low return on your investment — if not ZERO return on your investment. You want your home to be enticing to potential buyers. A mismanaged, disheveled yard will not attract many buyers.

The best thing you can do is mow that lawn, rake those leaves, and haul away the old cars and projects collecting off to the side of your yard.

Think about it: your yard is the first thing folks will see as they walk up to your home. Pretty it up with mulch in the appropriate spots and add plants, if you can afford to.

Disregard the fact that your home needs updating

If you want to ensure your home doesn’t get sold, then just ignore the fact that your walls need a fresh coat of paint or that the sinks need to be replaced.

On the flip side, what you should do is walk through the home and take note of what needs updating and then update it. Talk to an appraiser and get their perspective on what would increase your home’s value.

Keep your personalized touch in the decor

It’s hard to imagine that house as your own when someone else’s unique decor takes over the walls and fireplace mantle.

That’s right. Leaving family photos up and your unique touch in decor won’t help you make the sale. Go ahead and stow away those items. Neutral colors are pretty safe. If you need help with this, invite a professional to come in and stage your home.

Be inflexible with showings

You’ll shut down interest by being inflexible when folks want to come to see your home. Over time, people give up and you’ll lose a buyer. Make an effort to be flexible. It’s only for a season, remember — once your home is sold, gone will be the day of house showings.

Let your pets run free

While your dog or cat may have a face that melts your heart, others may not feel the same way. At the risk of turning off many potential buyers, Spot runs free to jump on whoever and whatever he pleases, to the chagrin of visitors.

White and black puppy on a leash

Again, it’s only for a time. The best thing to do is have a family member take Spot out for a walk during showings or ask a trusted animal-loving friend to take him in during this season of your life.

Leave boxes of belongings to crowd a room

Want to lower your chances of a sale? Leave boxes of packed items to crowd bedrooms and such. These boxes merely stifle the imagination of a potential buyer and cause the room to appear smaller than it really is.

Haul those boxes off to a storage unit and you’re gold!

The WORST things must be replaced with the BEST things

So don’t let this negative list get you down. If you understand it correctly, you have an arsenal of positives at your fingertips.

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