Christmas has come and gone and it’s time to let go. You had fun, you had family and friends over, and the kids had a blast. All this is evident as you survey the house. Right? Right!

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Part of Christmas cleanup entails taking down the Christmas decorations you have arranged so nicely. Yes, it’s time to collect and put away the traces of Christmas. But don’t worry, it will come again in twelve months!

Tips for taking down Christmas decorations around your home

You have things to do and we have tips to get those things done! We’re going to provide some helpful hacks for taking down Christmas decorations around your home.

Turn on the music, make it a party

OK, so it’s not all party. But even if it is hard work to clean up after the Christmas festivities, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a fun experience. Get that holiday music going one last time and have some snacks ready for a fun time gathered around the kitchen counter after the work is done.

Wrap those lights

So lets the start with the lights on your Christmas tree. Christmas lights can turn into a tangled mess that will only cause you grief next Christmas. That is if you’re not careful!

There are ways around a tangled Christmas light mess. Let us help you out with some tips for that.

Strings of lights

You can learn how to store the lights like a pro (it’s not that hard!) But if you think that’s not your thing, not to worry. Get yourself some cardboard from a box and cut a notch on opposite ends. Begin wrapping the lights around that cardboard and you have a nice bundle of light ready for storage. Easy, right?

Stow away the wrapping paper

Now let’s talk about those rolls of wrapping paper you’ve accumulated. We get it. They can be a bit awkward and cumbersome to store.

But not to worry. A quick run to your local home improvement store will help you find some great storage options. Run over to their plastic storage bin area to the section with plastic bins with lids. Get yourself a storage bin that is long enough to hold rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. This way, you’ll have a safe, dry container for your wrapping paper to be kept until next Christmas rolls around.

Package away the ornaments with care

To keep your delicate ornaments safe, you can recycle plastic cups with lids and place an ornament in each one. Use tissue paper for cushioning. Other ideas include nesting ornaments in cardboard drink holders or cleaned-up egg crates. Be creative and set yourself up with a system that can be used year after year for safe ornament storage. We’re sure you’d like to see at least some of those ornaments used by generations to come.

Flip through Christmas cards, update your address book

Now, how about those fun Christmas cards you received from friends and family? Whether you save them or chuck them, hold onto those cards for another few minutes. Pull out your family address book (physical or digital) and jot down the card sender’s addresses.

By writing down these addresses, you won’t have to bother with asking for them when next year rolls around. And you can be sure that your address book is updated in the case you didn’t realize a friend or family member relocated to a new home. See? It’s not so hard to stay organized!

Have a donation box handy

While taking down Christmas decorations, you may notice some you don’t want to keep anymore or that you’ll replace with the new things you bought this year. Stick those unwanted decorations into a box. This will make for an easy task later in the week when you drive by a second-hand shop to drop off your unwanted belongings.

Christmas decorations

Put away the Christmas dishware

And let’s not forget about the Christmas themed dishware! Yes, that lovely bowl adorned with holly engravings needs to be packed away too. Carefully wrap everything up in newspaper or tissue paper for cushioning between plates in things. You don’t want anything breaking as you carry it up to your attic or storage shed.

Before the Christmas decorations go into storage …

Lastly, don’t forget to label your boxes. This is an important tip for taking down Christmas decorations. Something so simple can save you immense time next year as you dig through your storage area for those Christmas decorations.

Labeling your boxes could also save you money. In the chaos of the holiday season, you may not easily find your boxes of decorations. As a result, you may give up and find yourself buying decor that you already have tucked away somewhere.

One last thing — did you receive any gifts that would replace anything you already owned? How about carting off the old item (if it’s in working condition, of course) to a local charity?